NFT Index (NFTI)

The NFT Index (NFTI) is a data-driven index that tracks the top non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the market. The index allows users to track the performance of the NFT market as a whole, as well as individual NFTs.

The NFTI is comprised of the top 20 NFTs by market capitalization. The index is rebalanced monthly to ensure that it remains representative of the overall NFT market.

The NFT Index is an effective tool for tracking the performance of the NFT market, as well as individual NFTs.

NFTI Price

The NFT Index is priced in US dollars and is calculated by taking the weighted average of the prices of the top 20 NFTs.

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NFTI Performance

The NFT Index has outperformed the Ethereum blockchain since its inception.

In the past month, the NFT Index has gained over 50%.

NFTI to USD Chart

NFTI to Currency Converter

$ 65,069.430.2%