Debitum (DEB)

DEB Coin is a blockchain-based decentralized lending platform. The Debitum Network is designed to speed up the process of securing funding for small businesses and to provide more opportunities for investors seeking higher returns.

At its core, the Debitum Network is powered by smart contracts and utilizes a decentralized network of agents, brokers, and service providers to create a trustless environment for all parties involved.

The Debitum Network is currently in beta and is expected to launch in Q4 of 2018.

The Debitum Network is designed to provide small businesses with access to funding that is faster, easier, and more affordable than traditional lending options. The platform will also offer investors the opportunity to earn higher.

DEB Price

The current price of Debitum (DEB) is $0.021527, which is up 6.65% over the past 24 hours. Debitum’s market cap is $9.56M. Volume traded in the past 24 hours was $376.61k. It has a circulating supply of 441.48

$ 0.00000000000000
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$ 0.00
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Debitum Price Prediction

The price of Debitum (DEB) is expected to continue to rise in the coming months as the platform enters its beta phase and moves closer to launch. This could be a good time to invest in Debitum as the price is still relatively low and there is potential for significant growth.

Investors seeking higher returns may find Debitum an attractive option as the platform offers the opportunity to earn higher returns than traditional investment options.

DEB to USD Chart

The Debitum price is currently $0.021527 and the 24 hour trading volume is $376.61k. The DEB price prediction for the end of 2018 is $0.04, which would be a return on investment of 87%.

DEB to Currency Converter

You can use this Debitum to currency converter to calculate the current value of Debitum in any fiat currency.

$ 64,998.410.07%

Where to buy debitum?

The easiest way to buy Debitum is on the Binance exchange. You can also purchase Debitum on Kucoin and EtherDelta.